Polaris RZR CAN-bus Hacking

After converting a Polaris RZR ATV from gas-powered to electric, EV West was faced with some problems with the vehicle's computer system. As there was no longer an engine, the dashboard was unable to display RPM or speed, and the check engine light was off. Furthermore, the lack of signals caused the vehicle's power steering to shut off.

I reverse-engineered the CAN-bus of a functioning, gas-powered Polaris RZR and found the CAN-bus messages for RPM, speed, and the current gear. I then programmed an adaptor to read the RPM from the electric speed controller's CAN-bus and the current gear from the RZR's CAN-bus, and use those to output a speed and RPM for the RZR's CAN-bus, restoring the dash board displays and the power steering.